American College of Community Midwives

A professional organization for midwives who provide physiologically-based maternity care in a community settings ~ client homes, maternity homes  or birth centers. 

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 Best Evidence on science-based maternity care 
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~ a "must read". This subdirectory has links to links to primary sources, lengthy excerpts, and citation lists documenting the scientific basis for physiological childbirth  as the universal standard of care for healthy women with normal pregnancies. Also journal articles on interventive and operative obstetrics, induction, elective C-sections and political controversies, including ACOG's effort to eliminate planned home birth.

Other "Best Evidence" topics
(1) community-based midwifery, and
(2) political and historical forces that have inappropriately medicalized normal childbirth in the US
(3) the politics that underlie organized medicine's push to make elective Cesarean surgery the new, 21st century standard of care for in a healthy women with normal pregnancies.

American College of  Community Midwives 
A professional organization for Community Midwives

(1) American College of Community Midwives
(2) California College of Midwives


(5) NormalBirth.Org


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